Features of the clothes in Islam

Costumes male and female charm of each of the national costume of ... Garments in Iran, as an indication of the person's position, we had the importance for a long time. And this human status, personal, was that associated with socially different features. Islam, century, emerged in the Arabian Peninsula, then you shortly, the lead became a thing of the world. According to the tradition of Islam, clothes, has been that it is a symbol representing the human creed. Islam, clothes of shape, color, are also paying attention to quality, we are understanding the importance of human clothing, by a human-wear clothes, to show their own beliefs and cultural features we are the leaders so as to be able to know. As can be seen from the section and the lore of the Koran, Islam, clothing and its features were especially emphasized. However, in Islam, the clothes of the inner surface of reverence, has been more important than superficial clothes. In Islam, superficial clothing should be means to achieve the beauty and growth of the inner surface, clothing Muslim is for contradictory criteria for that realization has been a must .

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