Dress of Islamic women

Costumes male and female charm of each of the national costume of ... In the Islamic world of women's clothing (congestion of women of Islamic Ken), describes the women's clothing of the Islamic world and Muslims. Overview According to the Muslim holy book the Qur'an women hide other than the face and hands, since it must kicked, such as inconspicuous except close relatives, women in the conservative Islamic society is to dress to hide the body, including the head often. type Currently, the clothing of women that have been used in the Islamic world are as follows. Abaya Abaya is hiding all but the eyes and limbs of earlier in black cloth in traditional folk costumes of the Arabian peninsula. Hijab Hijab is intended to hide the hair with a cloth, such as a scarf. The most is a common attire. Himal Himal than the hijab, expanding the range to hide, hide until the back. Burka Burqa is completely hidden also eye part in ethnic costumes that have been used in Afghanistan has become a net. Nikabu Nikabu (Arabic version) is intended to show only the eyes. The color black is often.

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