UAE local of clothing? Men of Kandura and women of Abaya.

Costumes male and female charm of each of the national costume of ... UAE (United Arab Emirates) local people, men systemic white, woman is called whole body black, it is downright extreme clothing. We will introduce for each of the features. Kandura & Kuutora & Akaru White clothes that men are wearing such thing as [Kandura]. Cloth that has suffered in the head has been referred to as the [Kuutora]. Kandura Kandura is like a piece of maxi-length, wearing a white T-shirt underneath that, it is from the waist down, and wrapped the cloth, such as the Japanese put under the kimono [Susoyoke]. Toka I do many people not wearing underwear (^^;) Kuutora Kuutora is formal that wear hanging as applied to the shoulder. The wind like a turban is the casual use. For this reason, it is a lot of people the local people are wrapped around the head like a turban to find in shopping malls. The color is is white and red, the more white is seems to be a thing of tradition the UAE. Akaru Black cord riding on top of the Kuutora is called [Akaru]. This is the case it means that the [tie] in Arabic, long time ago now tied the camel, when there is no need is so was the use that should put on top of the head.

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