Know I want to Middle East fashion circumstances!

Costumes male and female charm of each of the national costume of ... Middle East of fashion, and say that a woman should not be not covered by the whole body black cloth, You do not have such an image! ? It also I not a miss, in fact or have different fashion situation by country, Or are also different by generation, with or not a black cloth black cloth is the only There is considerable variation. In addition, there is a traditional national costume for men team. Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc.) around the, I would like to introduce the fashion situation of the Arab countries. Ethnic costumes of the Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, etc.) Qatar and Dubai, women of rich country in natural resources, such as Saudi Arabia, Cape something like a black gown called [Abaya]. The head Wrap the black scarf called [hijab]. What, or covered in a black veil face some people, There is also a pattern that has issued only the eyes. In Saudi Arabia, it seems to be a foreigner there is a wear obligation of this black gown. Other than Saudi Arabia does not have the wear obligation, If might be a good also enjoy the local style if go to the Middle East.