Iraq Syria: ecology dress regulations of the [Islamic countries]

Costumes male and female charm of each of the national costume of ... 0 date, as the information from the "Hayat" paper is a public relations agency of the dissident side of the Syrian [Syrian Observatory for Human Rights], [Islamic countries] of [Flirt Groups State] (and east southern tip of Dairuzauru Prefecture of Syria in Abu Kamal City, the Syrian side area of ​​the Iraqi part of the Anbar Province west end of), it was reported to have introduced the dress regulations of men. According to reports, after the regulatory agencies of called the [Hisuba] [Islamic countries] is, it prohibits the tight dress] for men, has passed a grace period of 0 days to the stores that sell such clothing It announced that it would confiscate the goods. Reason for the ban, dress like pants not only is the practice of Islam enemies, and were allowed to corrupt the worship of Muslims to look the line of buttocks and groin at the time of worship with such a dress it is. Evaluation While it is well known that the [Islamic countries] have imposed a variety of restrictions on residents of the area that was occupied, regulation of clothes by the faction until this was solely those against as women of the photo.

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