A Muslim woman dressed circumstances? Like an unknown world!

Costumes male and female charm of each of the national costume of ... It is, or does not see the woman who suffered a scarf on the head in a recent town in? Perhaps she We are a Muslim. Women's clothing of Muslims have different customs rules I'm country, it kind of dress is also diverse. Kind of dress of a wide variety of Muslim women [That person, possibly female kana? Muslim Once you] would be women the majority of have seen that those who thought it is the hijab (such as a scarf that is wrapped around the head). However, women's dress of a typical Muslim is not only the hijab, Chadoru, Abaya, Nikabu, is there such as the burqa. The reason for Muslim women to protect the dress Muslim women, but why Muslim women's another way of saying that protect the dress is for there are many, for women to faith is God in the Koran, so as not to stand out the beauty of the other than those that go outside, It says so as to cover the body in a veil. Verse of the Koran is known as the rules of attire such as hijab, she who is thought to it is guarded believe that the teachings of God.

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