Qatar's clothing - Doha Japanese School

Costumes male and female charm of each of the national costume of ... Abaya of the men of the stove and women Dress of the people of Qatar will not match the teachings of climate and Islam. Men covered their heads, wearing clothes called [stove] a long-sleeved from neck to toe. Stove is a dress suitable for Arab climate that is hit by a ferocious sun and heat. To reflect sunlight in the whole body white, is airy because the wide sleeve width nor hem width. Changing the fabric according to the season, in the white or beige cotton ones for summer, those of winter use is made of wool. They also a square pure white cloth called Crouching Tiger, has been wearing on his head and folded in a triangle. And woven in black thread that agar has to bear the Crouching Tiger wearing a double-thick circle overhead. When the boy is about age, it fogs this to events such as festivals. It is proof that became adult's right. Women are dressed in long clothing, when you go out covered the face with a cloth that mask and Nakabu called Masumakku, wearing a black robe called Abaya.

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