Increase the momentum [Muslim fashion] surprisingly diverse and modern

Costumes male and female charm of each of the national costume of ... Walking through Indonesia's capital Jakarta, it stops the eye sight of a woman wearing a colorful hijab. In recent years, it seems more and more fashionable Muslim women. The venue had been held in the heart of the commercial facility [Jakarta Fashion Week], surprisingly modern and Muslim women in a variety of styles had gathered. ◼️ diversity and trends of hijab The hijab, that of cloth, such as a scarf to wear for Muslim women to cover the hair and neck. Precepts is different depending on the sect and region, Indonesia about the split of the population is also a multi-ethnic nation with Islam, diversity is seen in the attire. Age to start wearing the hijab is a variety, but there the women who wears the young voluntarily hijab increasing trend, also that some people choose to wear by TPO. Especially women living in urban areas such as Jakarta's sensitive to the epidemic. Muslim woman that wears is not only black, the recently has been especially favored natural color and pastel colors (trendy color that is referred to as [pastel] in the field include the pale tones and smoky tones).

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